Lake Zurich Marathon Swim

The Lake Zurich Marathon Swim is held annually and is run by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. Solo and relay teams start in the morning from Rapperswil towards the south end of the lake and swim all the way up to Zurich at the north end. It is a distance of 26km and swimmers take up to 12 hours to complete the distance.

It is a beautiful swim in lovely clean water and spectacular surroundings. We would massively recommend it to other Cally swimmers!

This year, on August 4th, Cally took two teams of three swimmers to the event. The swimmers were Alex, Csaba and Luka (Cally Masters) in one team, and Katie, Lorenzo and Nils (Team Cally) in the other.

Cally Masters finished in third place, shortly behind the second place team. Team Cally finished first and broke the wetsuit relay team record for the course. Great swimming team: congratulations!

About callymasters

Cally Masters Swimming Club, based in Cally Pool, Islington, London
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