Pool entry: all our sessions are at BETTER pools and you will need to have a monthly BETTER Swim or  equivalent membership card based at Cally Pool & Gym. The swim membership (which will allow you to swim at almost all Better pools) is £29.95 per month. Cally Masters have access to a special discount if you wish to pay yearly in advance. There are other monthly membership options with BETTER if you want to include the gym etc. 

Coaching and Membership: Fees to cover coaching costs are £180 annually, payable as a £15 monthly standing order to the club, details on our coaches are available here. Also payable when joining is the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) membership which runs from 1 April to 31 March each year and is paid together with your first monthly coaching fee. If you are already an ASA member through another swimming club, and wish to swim with us, then you can claim dual membership. Your fees will be paid through one club only.

 2018 fees: Category 1 (non competing) – £16; Category 2 (competing) – £36

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