Our coaches

Terry Collins joined us in May 2015 and made an immediate impact with his enthusiasm and well thought-out sets which cater for the different abilities of our lanes.

He is a highly-qualified coach who has trained swimmers and triathletes of all abilities.

His profile can be read here: Tri for fitness

Csaba Vinkler joined Cally Masters as a swimmer in 2004 and started coaching sessions in 2021. He has been swimming since the age of 4 and has always been a member of swim squads.

Csaba has coached several swim squads in London: Anaconda, Haringey and Hackney. He has also taught swimming at Abercorn School as well as offering private coaching and teaching for 17 years.

Both of our coaches’ sets cover all of the strokes with a wide variety of drills to improve stroke and efficiency. They also works with us on turns and starts to improve general swimming and race technique.

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