Cally Masters Retain The Middlesex Crown!

Racing kicked off in the morning with the 200 m individual medley (IM), 100 m breaststroke, 50 m butterfly, 50 m backstroke, and 100 m freestyle, all of which had an incredibly strong showing from Cally. We finished the morning with the 4 x 50 m medley relays, where we had a whopping 15 teams. After a quick lunch we were back in the pool, this time for 100 m IM, 100 m backstroke, 50 m freestyle, 50 m breaststroke, and 100 m butterfly. Our 15 relay teams were then back on the blocks for the 4 x 50 m freestyle relays. With so many excellent races across the day it’s impossible to summarise how amazing everyone was. In total (by my counting) Cally members swam an incredible 117 individual races, and 30 relays. All these races resulted in:

  • Individual Gold medals for: Flora, Cat, Jorge, Steve, Jo, Sara, Cath, Paul, Cassandra, Rachael, Yael, Cameron, Jon, Beth, Tanya, Yoel.
  • Individual Silver medals for: Beth, Susan, Yoel, Steve, Cassandra, Abigail, Debbie, Honor, Ella, Jo, Jorge, Cat, Tom, Charles, Flora, Mari, Will.
  • Individual Bronze medals for: Mari, Erin, Claire, Charles, Jon, Susan, Will, Steve, Ella, Abigail, Debbie, Yoel, Jo, Honor, Rachael, Tanya, Paul.
  • Relay golds for our W100, W120, W240, M72, M160, X100, X120, X240 and X200 teams
  • Relay silvers for our M120, M200, X72, X160, W160 and X120 teams 
  • Relay bronze for our W160, W200, M200 and X240 teams.
  • Plenty more inspiring races, including comeback queen Nirmal who absolutely smashed her afternoon relay, Brandon who swam an amazing number of individual races, and Abigail who swam more butterfly than she ever imagined she could.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved their personal goals on Sunday, whether that was diving in or tumbling for the first time in a race, getting an age-group PB, an all-time PB, or simply being back and enjoying racing again. 


About callymasters

Cally Masters Swimming Club, based in Cally Pool, Islington, London
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