Jubilee River Swim

A group of nine Cally swimmers headed out to Berkshire for the 10km Jubilee River swim on the 11th June 2017. The swim has been running for a few years and is a chance to swim down a lovely stretch of a river constructed as a flood relief channel for the Thames. There are three weirs along the course where swimmers have to exit the river and run a short distance (as well as get a chance to refuel at the feeding stations) before continuing the swim.
It was a glorious day both in terms of the weather and in the results for Cally Masters.
Lorenzo powered away from the rest of the field and won the event in a stunning time of just over 2 hours. None of the things sent to test him (almost swimming down the first weir, not being able to find his energy drink at a feeding station, not being recognised by somebody who swims next to him at least a couple of times a week) put him off his stride and it was a well-deserved victory!
Nils and Luka made up the next two places of the male swimmers for a Cally 1,2,3!
On top of this, Sara and Rebecca  were half of the first placed female relay team (along with ex-Cally swimmer Camilla and her sister), Laura C finished as 7th placed female swimmer, Gary B and Katy G finished close together in the top 100 and Dylan H did the whole thing without a wetsuit (and with a relay swimmer attached to his feet for one of the legs).
We’re pretty proud of the results and hope that we can send a contingent next year to keep it u


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Cally Masters Swimming Club, based in Cally Pool, Islington, London
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