Norwegian 10km Swim!

On Saturday 11th July, Hilary took part in a 10km swim from Horton to Moss in Norway. We are extremely proud that she took 3rd place in the women’s category! Well done Hilary! Here’s her report:

It’s the second year they have done an organised swim from Horten to Moss; last year they had 23 people and this year 66.

Only 11 women entered and 7 completed the swim. One of my oldest friends, Janina, won the women’s category  (without a wet suit) and I finished third in a time of 3hours 16min.

The swim kicked off at 7.30am and the water temp was 18c to 19c. The swim itself is a mixture of a 5.5km crossing and a 4.5km coastal swim.

We even made the local paper

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Middlesex County ASA Masters Competition

We took a large contingent of swimmers to this gala and it really paid off with a 2nd place finish overall. Even more impressively, the women’s team secured 1st place! The men’s team finished 3rd overall which gave Cally a very comfortable second place behind Otter Swimming Club. Well done to everyone who competed! Next year we are looking to maintain the women’s fantastic result and get a few more men swimming for us.


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Open water swimming in London

For anyone looking to get into or practise open water swimming, the Stoke Newington West Reservoir centre is a great facility. It’s open for the whole summer on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Have a look on their website (it’s a Better run facility) or look at Capital Tri if you are interested in racing there. Here’s a picture taken on the morning of a race there in May.20150517_093217

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South East Regions Long Course Masters

The weekend of January 31st and February 1st, 2015 saw the first gala of the year with Cally Masters swimmers competing at the South East Regions Long Course Masters in Crawley. Medals included bronze for events in 50m breaststroke and freestyle and Ewan was pleased to win gold as the last man standing (or swimming) in his age band in 400IM.

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Cally Masters at the Nationals!

Congratulations to the five swimmers who headed to the British Gas ASA National Masters and Seniors Championships in Sheffield during the weekend of 24th – 26th October 2014.
The championships, held at Ponds Forge 25m pool, are the biggest short course competition of the Masters calendar; plenty of world, European and British records were set over the three days so the competition is certainly fierce.
Our five swimmers, Rebecca Adam, Luka Crnjakovic, Adam Nicholson, Sara Parry and Nick Warren swam an amazing 22 events between them and they can be proud of some excellent positions and times, racing against many of the top age-group swimmers in the country including 6 gold medallists from the World Championships this year.
A special mention goes to Sara for her bronze medal in the 100m breaststroke!
Adam Nicholson
50m Freestyle 35-39: 35th 28.38
50m Butterfly 35-39: 34th 33.10
Luka Crnjakovic
50m Backstroke 35-39: 8th 31.47
400m Freestyle 35-39: 7th 4:45.16
200m Backstroke 35-39: 4th 2:26.39
100m Backstroke 35-39: 5th 1:06.90
Nick Warren
100m IM 35-39: 20th 1:11.41
100m Freestyle 35-39: 25th 1:00.14
100m Butterfly 35-39: 11th 1:12.51
50m Freestyle 35-39: 26th 27.08
50m Butterfly 35-39: 29th 31.12
50m Breaststroke 35-39: 17th 35.91
Rebecca Adam
100m IM 30-34: 13th 1:17.09
100m Freestyle 30-34: 10th 1:04.19
100m Breaststroke 30-34: 9th 1:23.62
50m Freestyle 30-34: 11th 29.37
50m Butterfly 30-34: 12th 32.81
Sara Perry
200m Breaststroke 55-59: 4th 3:22.84
400m Freestyle 55-59: 6th 5:50.46
100m Breaststroke 55-59: 3rd 1:33.60
50m Freestyle 55-59: 11th 35.05
50m Breaststroke 55-59: 4th 43.14

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Cally Masters swim to silver at Middlesex Masters

Congratulations to Cally Masters at the recent Middlesex County Masters and Senior Age Group competition 2014!!

This is the main team event of the year and Cally Masters are going from strength to strength each year. This year we came home securing SECOND PLACE in the overall Women’s, Men’s and combined team results! AMAZING results everyone!!

There are still a number of event in the calendar this year so don’t forget to register for events – it’s great to have targets to focus on!!

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Hello world

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Cally Masters pick up a haul at the Scottish National Masters Championships

Last weekend four of us (Rebecca Adam, Sara Perry, Adam Nicholson and Luka Crnjakovic) travelled up to a very sunny Aberdeen to represent Cally Masters at the Scottish National Masters Championships.

As well lots of laughs there was also some pretty good swimming.

Well done everyone some fantastic performances. Hope this inspires some others to join us at competitions the more the merrier and it is very relaxed with a lot of laughs.


Rebecca Adam –
50m Butterfly – 4th
100m Freestyle – 2nd
200m Freestyle – 2nd
50m Freestyle -2nd
50m Breaststroke 2nd

Sara Perry –
100m Breaststroke – 1st
200m Freestyle – 1st
200m Breaststroke – 1st
400m Freestyle – 1st
50m Breaststroke – 1st
50m Freestyle – 1st

Adam Nicholson –
50m Butterfly – 5th
100m Freestyle – 4th
100m IM – 5th
50m Breaststroke – 7th
50m Freestyle – 6th

Luka Crnjakovic –
200m Backstroke – 2nd
100m Backstroke – 2nd
400m Freestyle – 2nd
50m Backstroke – 1st

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Want to compete this year?

Check out a selection of Masters Swimming events that you can compete at throughout 2014 on our events page!!

This is just a selection, for more go to the British Swimming website.

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Cally Masters pick up the medals at South East Regions Swimming Champs

Cally Masters do it again!!

Christine, Kyla, Sara and Olga travelled down to Guildford to compete at the South East Regions Masters Swimming Championships on 5 October. With amazing swims all round we came home with a hoard of hardware:

200m Fly – GOLD
200m Breaststroke – GOLD, 100m I.M – GOLD, 50m Breaststroke – SILVER
50m Breaststroke – SILVER, 200m Breaststroke – SILVER, 200m Freestyle – SILVER
100m Backstroke – SILVER, 50m Freestyle – SILVER

(Left to right: Kyla, Christine, Sara, Olga)

Cally Masters bring back the hardware!
(Left to right: Kyla, Christine, Sara, Olga)

With less than three weeks to go before Nationals we want to wish everyone swimming for Cally the best of luck! We look forward to reporting on all the great swims!!

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